The Epic Business Lock-In:

March 1 - April 12

This indescribably awesome 6-week event will blow your mind. And grow your brand's audience online. And introduce you to tons of people who "get" you.

Ready for the experience of a business lifetime?

"During the EPIC Business Lock-In I created a new product, new optin, upgraded my messaging and basically did my planning for 2017. Hands down, my most valuable investment this year. Not only was the content deep yet actionable, the community spirit and support was empowering and inspiring. Regina Anaejionu's generous spirit, online savvy realness draw the most amazing people to her. Don't miss out."  -Dina

As well as ways to begin to use paid advertising to draw people to your email list or online group. We'll cover:

  • Facebook ads
  • promoted pins
  • Instagram ads

It is a 6-WEEK GUIDED EXPERIENCE  just to work on authentically growing an audience for your business and future products. It's also a virtual "lock-in" ideal for you if you like the idea of working on your business with a group of other people working on their businesses at the same time. We'll all belong to an online community to chat, ask questions, vent, celebrate, and get feedback in during the six weeks and beyond.

 This Epic Business Lock-In is completely virtual, so you can participate from anywhere on your own schedule, and it is hosted by me (Regina--meet me below), an online business owner who has spent 10 years in trial, error, and growth operating multiple businesses online for a full-time income (everything from freelance writing and publishing books, to online coaching services + large online events).  I want you to skate past some of the pits I fell into and use the methods that helped me grow dozens of scalable income streams.

Your Engaged Audience Club and lock-in experience comes with lifetime access to helpful course materials, worksheets + tutorials, BUT you will also have access to:


(sold for $297 separately)

A Private SLACK Group


For our 6 audience-building weeks together, your fellow lock-in attendees and I will be providing support and ideas in a community just for us.



4 Live Q+As

The 30 most key steps to establishing a blog your audience will rave over and share. Learn exactly what you need to put in place and what is just hype. Learn how to delight through content and expand your platform.

For the last four weeks, we will have live video broadcasts that you can tune into from anywhere to ask any and all the questions you want.

(sold for $197 separately)



10 FULL Sections of Guided Action to Build Your Audience

Here's a not so funny, but definitely true and painful story--after months of building a new brand online, through a terrible error (and non-functioning backups) I lost my new website and almost all of my content.

So, after screaming a bit and tossing Post-it notes around my office in Mexico, I decided to completely scrap that brand and start over again. It's a fun and rewarding process, AND, you get to benefit from it too.


Say what? As a part of this six-week guided lock-in, you will be one of the only people seeing the behind the scenes of every decision, every bit of email list growth, and all of the strategies I employ for this new B2C brand ("business to consumer"--as in, I'm selling to individuals for their own use and not to people for business purposes). I've already begun rebuilding so you'll be able to see + swipe my ideas as soon as our program starts. If you want to build an engaged email list or direct people to a popping, vibrant Facebook Group, the 5+ main strategies I use during Engaged List will be your best friends.

Unlike many online learning experiences, the lock-in uses "Placement + Prescription" to assess where you're at and direct you through the sections, logically.

We will cover ways to grow your list from scratch for free:

  • using "lead" + "read" magnets, content upgrades, and more to draw people in
  • using the power of social media (done legitimately)
  • using the genius-ness of online events

Through step-by-step tech tutorials, planning worksheets, and several epic lessons, you will learn EXACTLY how to make 11 of the most popular content magnets to draw in your audience.

(sold for $197 separately)

Originally a popular live 4-day workshop, Visual Arsenal is now 11 hours of video trainings and a 113-page workbook to help you create stunning graphics for your online brand . . . and learn to take and edit epic photos from your phone or DSLR.

"Everything Regina produces is just so value-packed, but the lock-in with the live chats is so so motivating. Being in the same hustle mode with awesome people and being able to talk to Regina herself. I literally got more done on my side hustle in that one weekend than I did the previous six months. Highly recommend!!" -Angela

Hey, I'm Regina of 

I started + grew my first freelance writing business and (separately) my freelance design and web shop on the nights and weekends, while working full-time jobs. It was rough but it was wonderful.

And I get it. If we're at all alike, your job does not fulfill you--in the least, because you are not able to show up and do the things that really matter to you on a daily basis. Or, if you have your own full-time business already, you might be feeling stalled in growth even though you know what you have to say and offer is higher quality than most of what you see in the industry. In fact, you may even feel like as I did a few years ago, like I was suffering a small creative death on the inside.


Three years ago, THE thing that transformed my business and the way I was able to spend my time was unintentionally building a highly engaged group of people who were as excited to learn authentic, effective business practices (through action-packed lessons and adult homework) as I was to teach them (through books, workshops, and online courses).

BUT, here's the thing to note: It's not enough to build an audience . . . if you want to create a meaningful brand with maximum impact, it's about building an engaged audience. I did it accidentally the first time around, but I've taught and replicated the effects because the system actually works. It's a way of thinking and treating your engaged people . . . an approach that will make ALL the difference in the growth of your online business . . . and the reason I created the Engaged Audience Club (part of a series called The Epic Business Lock-In™).

"The epic biz lock-in was my second paid course with Regina and as usual she over delivered doing Q&As with the whole group which was super helpful to get answers about every doubt I had. The community built here was extremely generous sharing experiences and feedback every single day even beyond the course deadline. I think the magic was that all of us were doing the course at the same time. Very glad I joined." -Pamela


Psst--your lock-in comes with its own course site (organized by the main 10 sections and bonus courses you get access to). You can work through all the materials for our 6 weeks at your own pace, and you keep lifetime access to the materials so you can use them far beyond our lock-in.

  • There are 10 sections of lock-in content (shown below) that take you through the process of building an audience online.
  • There are three bonus courses and one bonus beta learning experience (Engaged List) that you can work through on your own time or refer to when they expand on (or provide further tutorials for) the steps in the main 10 sections.
  • Before we begin, you will be given a quick Placement Questionnaire and corresponding Action Prescription based on where you are with your business and your specific brand goals during our 6 weeks and beyond. 
  • You will be able to use your Action Prescription to direct your work and the order you attack things in. This will help you use your 6 weeks of lock-in time and ability to ask me any questions and get direct feedback in the community in the most efficient, epic way possible.
  • You will be able to engage in daily conversations with us other lock-in ninjas in a private Slack group (organized into helpful "channels" with other nifty features that will make our group even more legendary).

This audience-focused edition of the Epic Business Lock-In is basically like declaring your major in college as "Online Audience Building" . . . except this is way more fun . . . with a way cooler community . . . and super clear instructions that you can take immediate (seriously IMMEDIATE) action on.

In addition to the Placement Questionnaire you will receive, the question you may want to ask yourself as you determine if the Engaged Audience Club is right for you is: "Do I feel that my brand has the current audience size (and projected audience growth) that will allow me to make the impact and money I want to this year?"

If your answer is yes, you would probably do better to focus on product creation and promotion. If your answer is no, it might be best to work hard on establishing your brand in a solid way, but if that's already done, it's absolutely an epic time to grow an engaged audience for your content, products, services, and brand.

First let's talk about how the learning, the process, and the lock-in community work:

"The Epic Business Lock In was awesome. Although I wasn't able to attend live, I still feel as though I did because when I had questions, all I had to do was post them up in the group and someone who went through the same thing would give helpful suggestions. This course would be useful to someone like me who is so great at learning things but needs a defined plan for getting things done or even someone who is great at planning things, but needs the extra push, support and personalized live-chat check-ins that Regina offers in The Epic Business Lock-In. I'm so grateful to have been part of such a program and to be taught to by such an attentive teacher." -Londya

You will belong to a private Slack team with me and a few other ninjas who are working hard to grow their online brands. This is the place I will tune into daily to answer questions, provide resources, and offer help and guidance on your process and goals. This is also where I will be sharing my updates as I rebuild my "lost brand" live with you.

BUT. In addition to the Slack group (where you can add text updates, link documents, upload images, share emojis, and more), we will also have 4 live Q+A sessions, where I'll be answering your questions. We will start these in Week 3 of our lock-in, so that you have time to go through the materials and put some foundational pieces in place beforehand.



These sections and lessons are all designed to get you moving on your goals of establishing an engaged platform for the content and information you care about and want to share with others.

Section 1: Understand Your Platform Possibilities

  • Grasp the main platforms to consider and their major uses/cultures: Instagram, IG Stories, YouTube, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Periscope/Twitter Live, Facebook Live, a blog, a podcast, Pinterest, etc.
  • Pick your primary platform and supporting platforms for each of the key types of engagement and information sharing you want to do online.

Section 2: Build Your Audience Magnets

  • Learn the 11 most valuable content upgrades and types of epic resources (ex: online quizzes, mini-courses, eBooks, and video/audio series) that can attract the right types of audience members to you.
  • Psst--You're also getting access to Audience Magnet Academy, so you will have tech tutorials, lessons, and workbooks on how to develop the 11 types of audience magnets.




As well as ways to begin to use paid advertising to draw people to your email list or online group. We'll cover:

  • Facebook ads
  • promoted pins
  • Instagram ads


($300 value)

Audience Magnet Academy
($297 if purchased separately)

The guided sections of your tutorial and resource library are:

  • How to create an engaging quiz online that attracts your ideal audience and collects email addresses. [2 video tutorials; over 35 minutes in total]
  • How to develop cheat sheets and other short PDFs for your audience. [19-minute video tutorial on using]
  • How to create case studies or customer success stories as infographics or downloads. [text tutorial and examples with a highly valuable idea list]
  • How to set up free consultations and office hours to attract people to your brand plus get content and product ideas. [11-minute tutorial video on how to automate the process and a full text lesson on the what, how, and why of developing virtual office hours]
  • How to create AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL workbooks in Canva [30-minute video tutorial]
  • . . . plus FULL workbooks and video examples/training for how to create three more popular types of magnets that grew my brand an insane amount in my first year
  • . . . plus a text lesson and examples of how to build and promote a library or archive of epic resources to attract your audience
  • How to create video screencasts (to record a presentation or tutorial) for your ideal audience. [21-minute video tutorial]
  • How to record, edit, and sync video and audio of yourself for an attractive video series. [14-minute video tutorial]
  • How to use 3 popular + inexpensive (or free!) tools to record audio of yourself, edit your file, and export a track you can use to create an audio series or podcast. [over 13 minutes of video tutorials and text/image tutorials to help]



($197 if purchased separately)

Follow along with me and a small group of motivated business people behind-the-scenes in this completely new co-learning experience. You will see all the decision-making, every bit of email list growth, and all of the strategies I employ for a new B2C brand ("business to consumer"--as in, I'm selling to individuals for their own use and not to people for business purposes). 

I've already begun the foundational rebuilding steps (it's a brand I was operating for a while and lost almost all of the content for--long, sad story!), so you'll be able to see + swipe my ideas as soon as our program starts. If you want to build an engaged email list or direct people to a popping, vibrant Facebook Group, then the 5+ main strategies I use during Engaged List are for you.

oh and

Our program officially starts on March 1 and runs for six weeks. BUT. As soon as you sign up, depending on the option you select below, you will have immediate access to:

  • Our private Slack community and/or a larger, private Facebook Group of lock-in attendees
  • The #BlogDirty30 course (as well as Visual Arsenal if you select the FULL option below)

Over 4 hours of video tutorials, 30 lessons that lay out exact steps, and a cheat sheet to keep you tracking through the whole course--designed to help you:

  • Create your brand purpose statements and a clear, useful "about" page.
  • Create your blog/site logo and decide on other important brand identity elements.
  • Pick a website theme and build your site.
  • Create the email account(s) you need, create a clear contact page, and get up and running.
  • Choose your first monetization method and build the "protection pages" required by law (in many places) . . . but also ones that are just good business sense.
  • Create foundational brand and blog content that actually stands out.
  • Create series content that draws your audience in over an extended time.
  • Create "start here" pages for your audience.
  • Create a launch and growth plan so that you don't become stagnant after putting in so much hard work.

The guided walkthrough tutorials in this course simplify the process for you and get you creating epic content immediately. They are worth far more than the individual $297 price tag they are sold for, and you will get insane value from them and how easy they are to follow.

Since making your brand stand out online takes not only amazing content and quality products, but engaging graphics and attractive on-brand photography as well . . . we created Visual Arsenal to be your best friend and partner in navigating the world of effective visuals, templates, and graphics/photography processes. Over 11 hours of video training, plus a beautiful 113-page workbook all designed to help you:

  • Create click-worthy blog post templates, infographics, and Twitter share graphics.
  • Create attractive product mockups and Facebook ads.
  • Develop templates for social media images, eBook covers, and sidebar images.
  • Learn your DSLR and photography basics, in plain English with visuals to help.
  • Learn mobile photography and crucial concepts in setup and lighting to help your photos look amazing.
  • Learn how to edit your photos on your phone (using unbelievably powerful FREE apps) and on your computer.
  • Tie all of your graphics and photography knowledge together to create amazing finished (visual) projects for your brand on your own, without having to hire a team.

Visual Arsenal 
($197 when purchased separately)



What do I get access to now? What's the release schedule on everything else?


Section 3: Create Your Visual Arsenal + Templates

  • Learn the 20 types of visuals to always have on hand (and to make a template for), such as: blog post or podcast graphics, eBook covers, Facebook ads, and more.
  • Understand the elements that make each of these images actually WORK for your brand. Psst--you will also receive an epic 30-minute tutorial on making epic blog post cover images.

Section 4: Create Epic Content + an Editorial Plan You Can Stick With

  • Learn the four content models that actually work for online brands (and no, not all of them require you to release new content every single week or every single day--I have proof!). Get guidance and help implementing a strategy that matches your brand goals and audience needs.
  • Start creating editorial calendars the pro way. Learn exactly how high-level magazines, blogs, and content brands with teams are getting things done and how you can translate that to a one-woman or one-man show.
  • See behind the scenes of my editorial plan for one of my B2C brands as a real, live, working example.

Section 5: Engage + Grow on Instagram

  • Grasp the ways your ideal clients are using Instagram, and understand what is possible with the platform.
  • Get tips from me (Regina) and one of my favorite collaborators (Verick--@blacktienomad) on how to get set up with one of the 3 major content strategies on Instagram and how to grow from there.

Engaged List 
(over $497 value)

We will cover ways to grow your list from scratch for free:

  • using "lead" + "read" magnets, content upgrades, and more to draw people in
  • using the power of social media (done legitimately)
  • using the genius-ness of online events

Section 6: Build a Blog That Matter and Makes Bank

  • Learn the key organization, functionality, content, and visuals that create an epic experience for your readers. I'll be sharing the crucial elements I built into 3 of the blogs I've established and grown.
  • Psst--You will also receive an entire workbook + guide to launching your blog.

Section 7: Create an Engaged Email List

  • Learn the eight types of content you can be sending out to your list.
  • Understand how to get set up on some of the most popular email platforms (both free and paid ones).
  • Learn how to actually implement the audience magnets you create using Section 2 of these lessons (and the entire Audience Magnet Academy library of tutorials and instructions!) to grow your email list and get the right people to join. Psst--having "the right" people on my email list a few years ago allowed me to successfully launch a first paid online course to only 71 people and create $1350 in profit the first month, and an average of $1000 per month in profit over the next few months.

Section 8: Develop Community Through Facebook Groups

  • Learn how to be an engaged and engaging member of pre-established groups.
  • Learn how to create and manage your own Facebook Group to help people and grow your brand. 

Section 9: Master Social Media Live Streaming

  • Learn the 20 most popular types of live broadcasts you can do for your brand.
  • Understand how to actually GROW your audience with live streaming.
  • Learn how to test out content and sell through live social media videos.
  • Know the best affordable equipment to use to get high quality recordings.

Slack Group and Q+A Sessions 
(over $600 value)


there is a . . .

And seriously. A major part of the value of these community and chat sessions is the other people building their freedom brands at the same time. Having a community of people to learn from, see examples from, help, get feedback from, laugh with, vent to, and more is one of the most valuable business-building "tricks" you could ever be involved in. For real.

Section 10: Dominate Pinterest + Other Search Engines

  • Learn the types of pins that convert well (as in: get people to click on them, save them, and visit the linked site or resource). 
  • Get guidance on creating a strategy for Pinterest that furthers your brand goals and helps people find you and your content.
  • Learn the top features of my Pinterest account and my early Pinterest strategy that helped me grow to a following of over 30,000 people and multiple blog posts that have been pinned over 10,000 times, some of them with over 50,000 pins or "saves."

Then in March, you will have access to:

  • The 10 Engaged Audience Club lessons described above, released 2 per week for 5 weeks starting on March 1st--they are "dripped" out like this so you can follow along and really take time on each step prescribed
  • Audience Magnet Academy (the full course and library of tutorials described above) will be available on March 1st in its entirety
  • . . . and our weekly Q+A sessions will start on March 15th
  • And, if you choose the FULL option below that includes Engaged List, our lessons and experiments will start on March 1st


I'll be broadcasting live on Periscope frequently before the The Epic Business Lock-In™ starts. You can follow along to get a notification when I go live, or you can head to my free Facebook community #GoIndependent to post questions.

"The Epic Business Lock-In was such a no-brainer investment when I made it already, and it just kept getting more and more valuable! 

The tracks in themselves are so actionable, but also action-inspiring? There are lists of twenty things you can do, or fifteen, and what I appreciate about these lists is that because I was presented with options versus just the one way of doing things, I was one, able to choose what best fit me and my audience, and two, play around with the ideas by combining them, tweaking them, and coming up with things I wouldn't even have thought of.

And then there are the really specific tutorials which Regina is so generous with. Like the opposite of a chef who won't reveal their secret ingredient, Regina's tutorials are like, heeeere have it all!! Here's the formula I used! Look at the back-end! Here's how I did everything!" -Mikli

Psst. You get worksheets.

Tutorials. And more.

Live Q+As.

The 10 audience-building sections described above ($300 value)

#BlogDirty30 (sold for $197 separately)

The 10 audience-building sections described above ($300 value)

You can choose from the FULL or STARTER version:

4 live Q+A sessions to ask me any questions you want

VISUAL ARSENAL (sold for $197 separately)

AUDIENCE MAGNET ACADEMY (sold for $297 separately)

4 live Q+A sessions to ask me any questions you want

Our private Slack team to check in and grow with daily--and to ask me unlimited questions (over $600 value for this level of engagement and help)

ENGAGED LIST ($497 value for this completely unique experience)

Lifetime access to the course materials and a "membership" in our ongoing Facebook group just for lock-in attendees

Access to a private Facebook community of lock-in friends.

Note: The FULL Edition was limited to 40 paid spots so that I can answer each individual question and really interact at the level I would like to with you. No spots are left.

Please note: The STARTER Edition does not include Visual Arsenal, access to the Slack group, or access to Engaged List. 

AUDIENCE MAGNET ACADEMY (sold for $297 separately)

Lifetime access to the course materials.

There were limited spots available in this program so that we could have a small, intimate group of under 50 people. If you'd like to sign up to be notified about when a new program like this is opening up, please enter your name and best email address below:

#BlogDirty30 (sold for $197 separately)

"You should go to The Epic Business Lock-In™. My daughter is really amazing. And no, she's not a weirdo who lives in my basement and plays video games all day. She moved out last month."   --Regina's mother

Okay. True. That's not a real quote, but I promise, all the rest of the ones on this page are. And, if you'd like to tweet out a real one for me, I'd certainly appreciate it. I want this amazing weekend event to reach as many dream-builders and dream-doers as possible.

"Please join me for the #EpicBizLockin with @byReginaTV! I can't believe it even exists! Check out to see what I mean."  Click here to easily tweet this out.

"Regina, your Business Lock-In event has been one of the best decisions I made in 2016 (if not THE best). The community, your epic awesomeness and generosity, and the amazing gems of info you’ve packed into the event make this a no-brainer! I feel like I went from uncertainty to confidence over those few days, and it’s all thanks to this Epic Biz Lock-In. Thank you for this amazing experience and for helping me figure out exactly what I need to do to grow my creative biz — the authentic way." -Rali

Psst. Regina here. Still.

Let's create a focused, epic, lock-ourselves-in-and-go-hard atmosphere together for six weeks online. Oh, and let's stay friends in an even larger community after that. 

We yearn for community as creatives. People who get us. People to talk to. People to ask questions and get answers from. People to help. Let's prioritize those connections and our dreams, together, starting on March 1st. There are a few days left until we begin!

"The Lock-in experience was probably the most valuable online course experience I have ever had. Not only was the content provided by Regina more than excellent, but for most, the interaction in the group was heartwarming and encouraging. 

We all were in the same process, in the same time period. Many of the group members were and are so engaging. In a short period of time, I have made many valuable connections with whom I can ask for reflection on my projects and share my small wins.

No matter what the subject will be during the next Epic Business Lock-in, I am in!" -Nicolet



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